Dragon1 Fundamentals - Visual Enterprise Architecture

May 2014, Dragon1 Fundamentals - Visual Enterprise Architecture will be published. The university and institutes of technologies have requested for a book about Dragon1 to use in classes.

With 250 pages the book is optimal for use in classrooms. The book is fully aligned to the needs of student business administration (science) and information science. Also the book is very suited for professionals in business and IT.

The minors in business informatics, technical informatics, business administration and information science all will deal with enterprise architecture, business architecture, information architecture and IT architecture sooner or later.

Especially for students the book Dragon1 Fundamentals - Visual Enterprise Architecture provides an introduction into working with architecture on a sound building architecture and visual foundation. The students will gain overview and insights in architecture and innovation in business and IT based on a new paradigm.

The Dragon1 Company has composed the book Dragon1 Fundamentals in where there is lot of attention for the current business and IT issues. This makes it for the student very practical to apply what the learn in practice.