Dragon1 Books - Information of the open Dragon1 EA Method

The whole method is published in books on Dragon1. Herewith the method is irrevocably published as an open method.

At the moment the following official publications on Dragon1 are available in book stores or from online book shop:

  • ‘Wegwijzer voor methoden bij Enterprise-architecture’, Ria van Rijn, et al.
  • ‘Visuele Enterprise Architectuur’, studieboek voor managers en architecten, M.A. Paauwe.
  • ‘Visuele Enterprise Architectuur’, HBO studieboek voor studenten bedrijfskunde en informatica, M.A. Paauwe.
  • ‘Dragon1 Open Standard Architectuurprincipes’, M.A. Paauwe.

Dragon1 Fundamentals - Visual Enterprise Architecture

May 2014, Dragon1 Fundamentals - Visual Enterprise Architecture will be published. University and Institutes of Technologies have requested study books on Dragon1. »