Dragon1 Open Standards

What is an open standard?

Dragon1 as a method consists of well over twenty open standards. These are the important pillars of method creation regarding the most important concepts of Dragon1. The open standards are maintained by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation. Because the method is open, users take part in the further development of content to improve a Dragon1 Open Standard.

A Dragon1 Open Standard is a complete detailed specification of the theory and possible applications of Dragon1 concepts. An open standard is published by means of an open standard specification document. There is for example an open standard for working with architecture principles and also a standard for working with architecture visualizations.

Using open standards

A reason for Dragon1 to recognize open standards, or in other words splitting up the method in open standards, is that is makes it easier to start using the method in an organization. One does not have to adopt a complete method all at once or even ever adopt it as a whole. The current way of working with architecture in an organization can be extended and improved with a single and small extension: an open standard.

Dragon1 offers many benefits to anyone who is working with architecture. One can choose the open standard that is of best added value for handling and overcoming organization specific issues. In this way Dragon1 can be applied effective and efficient.

There are some small restrictions to the usage of a Dragon1 Open Standard. This is to ensure that knowledge and information contained in Dragon1 Open Standards stays open and is not offered by thirds parties in a non-open way.

The open standards

Dragon1 recognizes the following twenty Dragon1 Open Standards:

  1. Architecture Principles Standard
  2. Visual Language Standard
  3. Architecture Visualization Standard
  4. Enterprise Architecture Design Standard
  5. Architecture Quality Management Standard
  6. Architecture Stakeholder Management Standard
  7. Architecture Communication Standard
  8. Architecture Implementation Standard
  9. Architecture Service Management Standard
  10. Architecture Start-Up & Initiation Standard
  11. Architecture Application Standard
  12. Architecture Framework Standard
  13. Architecture Documentation Standard
  14. Architecture Maturity Standard
  15. Architecture Enterprise Innovation Standard
  16. Architecture Requirements Management Standard
  17. Architecture Rules for Architects Standard
  18. Solution Architecture Design Standard
  19. Architecture in Projects Standard (PXA)
  20. Agile Architecture Standard
  21. Architecture Government and Management

Need more information?

Do you need to know more about Dragon1 Open Standards, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.