Dragon1 as Enterprise Architecture Framework

Dragon1 EA Framework

Dragon1 is an open EA method and complies to the norms of the ISO Architecture Framework. Dragon1, as architecture framework, includes inter alia the following:

  • Identification of the relevant stakeholders in the domain;
  • The concerns arising in that domain;
  • Architecture viewpoints framing those concerns, and
  • Correspondence rules integrating those viewpoints.
The following visualization shows a global overview of Dragon1 as EA Framework:

The Dragon1 EA Framework is presented in detail on this Enterprise Architecture Framework page showing the specific parts from the Dragon1 method making up an Architecture Framework.

The added value of Dragon1 as Architecture Framework

Dragon1 is fit for use at a strategic level, in every industry, at LME organizations as well as SME organizations.

Organizations that use Dragon1 as architecture framework to innovate of redesign their businesses, processes and IT, benefit from the following three key aspects:

  • Requirements Management - in Dragon1 owner-clients and stakeholders are supported in proposing and suggesting requirements in a visual way; not only at the beginning of projects but also during projects informal visualizations of functional specifications and requirements are created by architects. Owner-clients and stakeholders use informal architecture visualizations, such as structure visions, to come up with the correct and minimal sets of requirements for solutions.
  • Design - the usage of informal architecture visualizations, such as design sketches of total concepts, give owner-clients and stakeholders a lot of influence in detailing the design, directly or indirectly, by changing the requirements. Possible design flaws of integration issues can be prevented at the drawing board.
  • Realization - the usage of informal architecture visualizations, such as artist impressions, to communicate the concepts of an enterprise-structure gives a steering group much more control over quality and risks in the realization project and what is eventually delivered. And as a result, the enterprise-structure or solution will be realized in a shorter period of time at a lower cost.

Dragon1 EA Framework approach

The Dragon1 EA Framework defines different types of enterprise-structures such as business, information facilities and IT infrastructure for which various defined stakeholders have certain recognized needs and concerns. Also, the stakeholders have performance and quality requirements for their concerns and needs regarding these enterprise-structures, integral solutions and the environments.

Architects capture the needs, concerns, ambitions, goals and requirements of stakeholders and create architectures (total concepts) and architecture designs for the desired TO-BE situations of enterprise-structures or integral solutions.

In Dragon1, architects use extensively visualizations to communicate the architectures (total concepts) and architecture designs to stakeholders. The visualizations in Dragon1 are almost always decision supporting visual reports and giving stakeholders the power to manage quality and risks in projects, innovations and organizational changes.

Need more information?

Do you want to know more about the Dragon1 EA Framework, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.