Dragon1 Software

Dragon1 Software

Especially for creating visual Dragon1 architecture products, web based software is developed.

Dragon1 EA Tool – a web-based software tool for creating, as a practitioner of the method, online architecture designs and in particular architecture visualizations, whereby all information is stored in a repository (database). Also, Dragon1 refers for specialist tasks and general management tasks to the appropriate operating international standards.

Users of the Dragon1 EA Tool are provided with:
  • Architecture Resource Center - the web application to publish your architecture policy
  • Architecture Repository - the web application with which the user can manage their architecture and visualization elements and their basic symbols
  • Visual Designer - the web application to design small and large format architecture posters and design books with
  • Models Atlas - the web application to make architecture visualizations literally searchable, browse-able and interactive.
  • Catalog - the web application to tag items and create catalogs of items and make them searchable and presentable.
  • Application Manager - the web application to manage the technical and functional configuration of your cloud application.

Need more information?

Do you need to know more about the Dragon1 EA Tool, please contact Dragon1 Inc. www.dragon1.com or the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.