Dragon1 References

Dragon1 Benefits

It has been indisputably proven that practitioners who master Dragon1 method and tools distinguish themselves in the delivery of complex IT programmes - it would enable, for example, project managers to communicate with clients at a sustainable strategic level using visualizations to prove key aspects in design, implementation, and satisfactory stakeholder management.

Next to qualitative benefits, such as overview and insight in inter-relationship and interdependency for enterprise-structures, Dragon1 realizes also quantitative benefits.

Dragon1, for example, reduces (30%) overhead in relation to unnecessary work and thus time wastage draining project budgets. It increases the ability to complete projects earlier and cheaper (30%), releasing risk capital held in reserve to cover project implementation failure.

Below you find several projects that have Dragon1 in their implementation.

Usage of Dragon1 in projects

Dragon1 was founded in 2002. From that time onward Dragon1 was used by LMEs as well as SMEs. A number of organizations and individuals have contributed to the development of Dragon1.

Dragon1 was proved successful with projects for the following companies:

  • OHRA / Delta Lloyd - Enterprise Architecture Shared Service Centre -
    Peter Bloks, Project leader architecture team - "Dragon1 is a method that gives direction in complex programmes."
    Download here anonimized examples created with Dragon1.

  • UWV - Architecture Review MultiWet System -
    Anja van Deijk, Task Force Leader - "Dragon1 is a method with which in a short period of time strategic programs can be monitored and reviewed for progress and one can take policy measures to get to the project going again. This by using strategic architecture visualizations."
    Download here anonimized examples of architecture review visualization documents from the project created compliant to Dragon1.

  • Fortis ASR - Enterprise Architecture TotalConcept NR 1 Digital Intermediairy Insurer -
    Leo van Brandwijk - Information architect - "Together with Dragon1 we have created a very communicable overview of the information architecture ASR in her context. This overview has lead to a more optimal and efficient approach in projects, because architecture was able to be used as binding framework."
    Download here anonimized examples of deliverables from the project created with Dragon1.

  • Meavita - Redesign of IT-Infrastructure for Healthcare -
    Jos Dagelinkckx, Head of IT
    Download here anonimized examples of visualizations of the project that is compliant to Dragon1.

  • Municipality Gouda - Gouda Anwers Citizins -
    Frans Breedveld, Information Architect - "With Dragon1 I was able to communicate the vision on Answering Citizins in a short period of time."
    Download here anonimized examples of visualizations from the project created compliant to Dragon1.

  • Care Insurer Agis Zorgverzekeringen - Improved Communication of Archimate to management using Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Blueprint visualization -
    Hans Dee, Project Manager IT
    Download here anonimized examples created compliant to Dragon1.

  • Municipality Maastricht - Standardization and cost reduction in process and IT -
    Albert Royen, policy worker I&A
    Download here anonimized examples created compliant to Dragon1.

  • KPN - Standardization for the BCC -
    Manuel Herrera KPN Manager
    Download here anonimized examples created compliant to Dragon1.

Organizations that have worked in projects with Dragon1

Agis Zorgverzekeringen - Amersfoort, ASR Verzekeringen - Utrecht, Connexxion - Hilversum, Crédit Agricole - Amsterdam, Delta Lloyd - Amsterdam, Gemeente Gouda, Gemeente Roerdalen, Gemeente Steenwijkerland, Gemeente Sneek, Gemeente Maastricht, Holland Casino - Hoofddorp, HWW Zorg - Den Haag, ING Bank - Amsterdam, KPN - Den Haag, OHRA - Arnhem, Sociale Verhuurders Haaglanden - Den Haag, UWV - Amsterdam, Woningstichting Rijnmond - Rotterdam, Vestia - Delft, Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei - Ede. We thank these organizations for their dedication and contribution.

People who have worked in projects with Dragon1

Ad Schinkel, Alfred Dijkstra, Anja van Deijk, Daan Rijsenbrij, Erik Douwes, Erik Proper, Ferry Brasz, Frank van Dijk, Frans Breedveld, Frans van den Berg, Fijtse Vos, Frits de Boer, Gerard Deijk, Gerben Hoogeboom, Greg Mulder, Harmen Groenwold, Henk Jurrien, Henk Morang, Henk Stienstra, Jacob de Boer, Jan Herbrink, Jacques Janssen, Jo Aendenroomer, Jo Sanders, John Pape, Jos Dagelinckx, Leo van Brandwijk, Leon Schurgers, Marijn Driel, Marleen Olde Hartmann, Manuel Herrera, Matt Janssens, Paul Rekveld, Paul Gloudemans, Peter Bloks, Rene van Hove, Richard Uijen, Robert Tros, Ron van Harn, Ronald de Gier, Ruud de Haas, Sjaak Aalten, Ton Eusterbrock, Thijs van Bruchem, Willem Reek. We thank these people for their dedication and contribution.

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