Dragon1 Resources

Dragon1 in detail

For the EA Method, Dragon1 Resource pages are created in which the whole method is explained into detail. The Resource pages are the only official source of the method. If something is not on Resources, it is not part of Dragon1.

In Dragon1 Resources, the four ways (the major parts of the method) of the open method for Visual Enterprise Architecture are explained in detail. By way of methods, it points out of which Dragon1 architecture concepts it exists. Per architecture concept models and examples are given in how the concept can be applied in practice. Also per concept, some background information is given about the why and how of a concept.

In this way, you see on Dragon1 Resources, for example, everything about working with architecture principles and architecture visualizations.

Free use of Dragon1 Resources

the information on Dragon1 Resources is under the regime of a user license: the use of information is free provided there is a reference to the source of the Dragon1 Resources and Dragon1 is not affected in a negative way.

Go to the Dragon1 Resources by clicking on this link: https://www.dragon1.com/resources

Need more information?

If you need to know more about Dragon1 Resources, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.