Dragon1 User Group

Enthusiastic practitioners who play a central role

One of the main tasks of the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation is monitoring the future development of the method. The Dragon1 User Group has been established in order to give bearing, gravitas and significance.

Practitioners of the method are direct stakeholders for having an up-to-date method. They can best indicate which further developments in the method help them best in short and in the long term. Practitioners are also indispensable for assessing proposals for improvement or for extending the method.

Contributing to the future development of Dragon1

There are three ways in which you as a practitioner can actively participate in Dragon1:

  • Discussions on Dragon1 Visual Enterprise Architecture as a LinkedIn group;
  • As a member of the user group creating a personal Dragon1 architecture portfolio,
    self-paced or supported;
  • Research and review parts of Dragon1 in working groups and doing proactive requests for change at the Dragon1 Open Knowledge Events.

By following this link Dragon1 Usergroup | Visual Enterprise Architecture Method you will find the user group and you can register as a member.

By following this link Dragon1 User Group Netherlands you will find the open member list of the Dragon1 User Group in the Netherlands and you can register as a member.

By following this link Dragon1 Open Knowledge Event Annual Program, you will find the annual program of the Dragon1 Open Knowledge Events and you can register if you wish to participate.

Dragon1 Usergroup in Numbers

Dragon1 has a lively and fast growing group of users of the method, mainly in the Netherlands but also growing in countries, including the United Kingdom. The Dragon1 User Group, which has a free membership, counts 122 registered members.

Based on interviews and questionnaires there are approximately 1200 people in the Netherlands in 2013, using Dragon1 products (checklists, templates, Dragon1 view layout, books, illustrations and posters) who work according to the Dragon1 design and visualization approach.

In 2012 interviews were conducted with, and questionnaires were distributed to practitioners and user organizations. This took place in combination with collateral material downloaded from Dragon1 Wiki - from this, it was calculated that to date an estimated 1100 people use Dragon1.

Dragon1 Newsletter

Regularly a newsletter will be send with the most recent developments.

At the bottom of the homepage you are invited to subscribe to the newsletter.

Dragon1 Open Knowledge Events

Each month, not during the summer holidays, a Dragon1 Open Knowledge Event is organized by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation in collaboration with the user group in the Netherlands. Read here about the first open Dragon1 Knowledge Event.

In the future we will organizing Dragon1 Knowledge Events in other countries.

Need more information?

Do you want to know more about the Dragon1 User Group, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.