Dragon1 Curriculum

Job Profiles of Architects

Job Profiles form the center of attention in the Dragon1 Curriculum. The training courses in the curriculum prepare architects for five different architecture positions in organizations. Therefore, the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation has drafted five job profiles.

Five job profiles are offered:
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  • Enterprise Architect
  • Business Architect
  • Information Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Security Architect

Architecture portfolio

In all Dragon1 training courses, the participants make up their own architecture portfolio to show potential clients/employers for demonstrating their knowledge, skills and experiences of Dragon1. The Dragon1 Architecture Foundation facilitates the architecture portfolios by providing an e-portfolio platform for everyone who is in the Dragon1 curriculum.

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Certification routes

The Dragon1 Architecture Foundation has developed the Dragon1 Curriculum in such a way that the participant is awarded the title 'Dragon1 Certified Architecture Professional' or 'Dragon1 Certified Architect' after successfully passing a professional examination. There are the two main routes for certification:

Route 1 – Architecture Professional

The main route for an architecture professional leads to the certification as a Dragon1 Certified Architecture Professional. The curriculum shows the exact route.

Route 2 - Architect

The main route for architects leads to the certification of five types of architect certifications. The participants have to follow training courses at Dragon1 accredited training organizations.

Download here the Dragon1 Curriculum with certification routes

In the left menu, on the page 'Certification' you will find more information about the different levels of certification. If you have obtained your certification, you will be included in the register of architects.

Training Courses

Any person wishing to learn to apply the Dragon1 method can do so independently through self-study, classroom training in small groups or blended learning.

In blended learning the participant is supported with the open source e-learning platform Moodle. This is made available by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation.

The syllabi on training courses developed by a courseware provider are available on the e-learning platform Moodle. Here you will also find the training manual.

Click here to log in on Moodle, the Dragon1 e-learning platform. This is only available if you are course participant.

On this website you will also find ATO's, the official providers of Dragon1 training courses. Study manuals for trainers and teachers at colleges and universities are available through an ATO. The brochures of all Dragon1 training courses curricula are available from an ATO in your area, you will find them in the left menu of the 'Register of Organizations'.

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In the Dragon1 training courses, the official Dragon1 College Textbook is used. The books are available in bookstores and from online book web shops.

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Need more information?

Do you need to know more about the Dragon1 Curriculum, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form below.