Dragon1 Official Sources

Where do you find information about the Dragon1 EA Method?

If you want to work, internally or commercially, with Dragon1 as an individual or organization there are in fact three basic sources where you will find information about Dragon1.

Dragon1 Resources – The official source of the Method

On Dragon1 Resources you will find all information of the method regarding structure, format and usage. Dragon1 Resources is the only official source for practitioners. You will find the complete open method online.

Each renewal or development of the method will be processed first on the Dragon1 Standard Specification before being published. All materials are derived from the information on the Dragon1 Standard Specification information and therefore remain consistant.

On the Dragon1 Standard Specification you will find the following information:

  • The 4-ways of the method
  • Dragon1 Concepts and Dragon1 Subconcepts
  • Dragon1 models
  • Dragon1 glossary of terms
  • Term files
  • Checklists
  • Document templates
  • Roadmaps
  • Product descriptions for creating architecture professional products
  • Reference architectures
  • Reference Cards
  • Best practices

The permanent URL of the Dragon1 Standards Specification is: https://www.dragon1.com/resources.

Dragon1 Books - Information on the open Dragon1 | EA Method

The entire method is available in Dragon1 books, consequently the method is irrevocably assured of being published as an open method.

Currently the following publications are available in book stores or from online book shop:

  • ‘Wegwijzer voor methoden bij enterprise-architecture’, Ria van Rijn, et al.
  • ‘Visuele Enterprise Architectuur’, studieboek voor managers en architecten, M.A. Paauwe.
  • ‘Visuele Enterprise Architectuur’, HBO studieboek voor studenten bedrijfskunde en informatica, M.A. Paauwe.
  • ‘Dragon1 Open Standard Architectuurprinciples’, M.A. Paauwe.

Foundation web site - Information about the open Dragon1 | EA Method

If you are not looking for information of the method itself, but looking for information concerning the management and future development of the method, or information on training, certification and accreditation in the method, the information is available on the web site of the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation.

On this web site you will find information about:

  • Accreditation
  • Certification
  • Register of certified architects and accredited organizations
  • Review processes and Request of change procedures
  • Summary of Dragon1, and how to use Dragon1

The permanent URL of the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation web site is: http://www.dragon1.org.