Terms of Use for Dragon1

Non-Commercial Usage and Application

Dragon1 EA Method is an open method. This means that in terms of using Dragon1, an end-user license only is required to use Dragon1 materials - however this restricted to a non-commercial usage and may not be used in/for the organization where the user is working. An end-user license can be requested by completing an End User License Form and sending it for the attention of Dragon1 Architecture Foundation. It is not compulsory for the end-user to be a certified architecture professional or architect, although it is recommended when higher level architecture products are used. The same applies for an end-user organization - it is not obligatory to be accredited in accordance with the level used in the method, although this is recommended.

Commercial Usage

In case a person or organization has the intention using parts of Dragon1 commercially, a Dragon1 Commercial License is required, and the person must have a professional certification and the organization appropriate accreditation commensurate with the professional level of the method.

For architecture consultants and architecture trainers, there is a full certification process that must have been completed. Consultancy organizations (ACOs) and training organizations (ATOs) have their own specific accreditation program. If an organization or person offers, provides or delivers any commercial products or services wherein Dragon1 method as a whole or in parts is used, the products or the services have to be certified by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation. See http://www.dragon1.org for more information.


On everything that is Dragon1 or part of Dragon1 property rights and copyrights are vested. Dragon1 Inc. is the owner of the Dragon1 open EA Method. Also, the whole of Dragon1 or parts of Dragon1 that are translated and / or developed and / or expanded, carry property rights and copy rights. The intellectual property of the renewals to the method, it’s products or services automatically belongs to the owner of Dragon1. It is not allowed to use Dragon1 and make parts of the method part of other methods, products or services without having a valid Dragon1 commercial license.

You need to register your method, product or service in advance for certification to possibly obtain a commercial license for the method, product or service. If Dragon1 or parts of the method are used in other methods, products or services, in direct reference to the source of the Dragon1 method it must be made clear that this is so and can only be as long as a valid commercial license has been obtained. A reference to the Dragon1 EA Method should look like this: Source: Dragon1 | EA Method, https://www.dragon1.com/resources, Dragon1 Inc. Infringement of the rights of Dragon1 will be punished.


Everyone in possession of an end-user license or certification is invited via the Dragon1 User Group to participate and collaborate in the development of Dragon1 at Dragon1 Open Knowledge Events. Proposals and Requests for Change for the method by Dragon1 Working groups only will be processed, researched and implemented by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation.

Do you want to know more about the terms of use for Dragon1, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.