Training: Dragon1 Professional

Dragon1 Professional Training

This Dragon1 Professional Training is offered to architecture professionals who are experienced in working with professional architecture products and want to take the next step in editing the architecture products themselves.
Challencing 6 sessions (3 hours) practical training
Dragon1 as strategic navigating instrument – architectuur vision and architecture strategy formulation in support of complex change projects.
  • What is an era and how to define an architecture plateau?
  • How to create an program management-view?
  • How to translate an enterprise architecture design in accordance with a solution architecture design?
  • How to use solution architecture design in programs and in projects?
  • How to control enterprise architecture in programs and projects and communicate with steering committees and board of directors?
  • How to incorporate interventions on the basis of architecture?
  • How to create an architecture poster for a program?

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The brochure contains inspiring examples of architecture visualisations, which the student learns to make him/herself.

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