Training: Dragon1 Practitioner

Dragon1 Practitioner Training

The Dragon1 Advanced Training is offered to professionals, already involved in creating architecture products, but who expressed aspiration to extend their knowledge to improve their design capability.
Challencing 4 sessions (3 hours) practical training
Dragon1 as a basis for quality projects - an in-depth introduction in getting acquainted with Visual Enterprise Architecture project collaboration.
  • What is the essence of thinking in specific ways, working in specific ways, representing in specific ways and supporting in specific ways with regards to Dragon1 method?
  • When to use visual enterprise architecture and how to commence working with architecture?
  • How to create an enterprise architecture design?
  • Which types of principles are available and how are they to be set up?
  • How to use enterprise architecture designs for transformation, innovation and in programs?
  • How to create your own ‘working with architecture’-poster?

Download: Dragon1 Practitioner Training Brochure

The brochure contains inspiring examples of architecture visualisations - the student will be shown how to make these him/herself.

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