Dragon1 Management Process

Chance, maintenance and future development of Dragon1

Management processes for supporting chance, maintenance and future development of the Dragon1 EA Method are part of the continuous improvement process. The Dragon1 User Group plays an important role in this continuous management process, next to the in-house development activities of the Board of Experts, The Dragon1 Company and Courseware providers.

The Dragon1 Management process describes which parties are involved, the relations between them and their main activities. In addition, the Dragon1 Management process describes who is responsible for the revision of which product. The management process shows how annually the maintenance cycle has secured the materials of the Dragon1 EA Method.

PDF versie download here to obtain a management process model copy

The submission of Requests for Change

The starting point for the Dragon1 Management processes begins with the requests for change, submitted by the operational groups of the Dragon1 User Group. The operational groups take the lead in submitting change requests based on their knowledge and experience in the application of the method in an operational sense.

The Dragon1 Management process thus facilitates active involvement of practitioners regarding the future development of Dragon1 on a continuous basis so the method will stay an open updated method. The Dragon1 Management process describes the steps to be taken for each change request and a document template is available for submitting change requests - please use the link below to obtain a copy of the document template.

PDF versie download here to obtain a copy of the RFC-document template

Review of Supporting Materials

The Dragon1 Architecture Foundation is committed to maintain quality standards of all its supporting materials, for example, the Dragon1 Open Standards, and that all are regularly reviewed by working group members. Anyone who wishes to participate in a review can obtain relevant review information from this website. Please go to the heading 'Public Reviews' in the left menu box - it will open up information of material used to review processes, review instructions and review logs. The review results should be reported as shown in the review log template. Please use the link below to obtain a template.

PDF versie download here to obtain a copy of the review log template

Need more information?

Do you need more information of the Dragon1 Management Process, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the attached contact form.