Certification Program

Users of the open method Dragon1 could become certified in Dragon1. Those who work with enterprise architecture in organizations, but who are not certified architects, are offered a specially designed certification program.

There is a certification program for employees who work in projects, project leaders, department heads and team leaders.

We distinguish three levels:

  1. Dragon1 Foundation
  2. Dragon1 Practitioner
  3. Dragon1 Professional

There is also a certification program that is designed specifically for prospective and experienced architects such as IT Architects, Technical Architects, Security Architects, Information Architects, Software Architects, Business Architects and Enterprise Architects. The academic level training program leading to full certification takes between 1.5 to 3 years, depending on the type of architecture certification desired and the initial experience level of the student.

The different levels of certification include:

  • Dragon1 Architect
  • Dragon1 Business Architect
  • Dragon1 Information Architect
  • Dragon1 Technical Architect
  • Dragon1 Enterprise Architect

Following training at accredited training, organizations are needed to obtain a certification through an official exam.

Download the certification routes here

Need more information?

Do you need to know more about certification, please contact the Dragon Architecture Foundation 1 via the contact form.