Dragon1 Architecture Portfolio

Develop an architecture portfolio by yourself

You may develop a Dragon1 architecture portfolio by yourself. If you are a regular visitor to the Dragon1 Open Knowledge Events and you study and apply the available material of Dragon1 in practice, it could be the preferred route for an experienced architect. On Dragon1 Resources, you will find examples and checklists for products which are found in Dragon1 architecture portfolios.

Develop an architecture portfolio under supervision

If you would prefer to be supervised in developing your architecture portfolio, the Dragon1 EA Bridge Course would be most suitable. In this instance, you follow a learning route of eighteen weeks, with a classroom training session every 2 weeks, when you will be working on a product from the portfolio. During your daily work activities, you would test and develop your architecture portfolio.

Content Architecture Portfolio

In a Dragon1 Architecture Portfolio are usually 25 visual professional architecture products, such as:

  1. Design book or PXA, containing:
  2. Infographic, with strategic key figures and trends
  3. Cross-Reference Matrix Business Goals-Projects
  4. Business Case ROI visualization
  5. Architecture Framework - status report
  6. Architecture Vision (design sketch/drawing of a total concept)
  7. Structural Vision (enterprise model, business model, information model or technical model)
  8. Presentation of Board and directors: Why Work with Architecture?
  9. Principe detail drawing of core concepts
  10. Situation Sketches / Drawings of usage - and work places
  11. Environment sketch/drawing of the value chain/collaboration network
  12. Stakeholder analyse (onions model)
  13. Artist Impression of the Service delivery of the organization
  14. Personas of Owner-CLient & Stakeholders
  15. Design sketch/drawing of Enterprise Governance & Compliance (GRC)
  16. Storyboard of an implementation scenario
  17. Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  18. Process landscape
  19. Application landscape
  20. IT-Landscape
  21. Reference Architecture overview
  22. Solution Architecture Concepts Diagrams
  23. Business, Information or Technology Roadmap
  24. (non) Functional Requirements/Capability view of a core-system
  25. (non) Technical Requirements/Capability view of a core-system

Often the products of the Dragon1 Architecture Baseline double as the products in an architecture portfolio, as these products are created first, and would have a great impact on working with architecture.

Certification based on a Dragon1 Architecture Portfolio

The Dragon1 Architecture Foundation offers the opportunity for experienced architects, depending on their type experience commensurate with the architecture portfolio, to accelerate a Dragon1 Certification.

E-portfolio platform Mahara

The Dargon1 Architecture Foundation has selected the open-source e-portfolio software Mahara - it is available to members of the user group to publicise their Dragon1 architecture portfolio.

Click here to go to Mahara, the Dragon1 e-portfolio platform - only available to course participants.

Are you interested in developing yourself individually or in direct line with a Dragon1 Architecture Portfolio?

Do you need to know more about the Dragon1 Architecture Portfolio, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.