We accredit organizations, people, products and services

  1. Training organizations can become accredited as official Dragon1 Accredited Training Organizations (ATO). They are then entitled to offer and provide Dragon1 training courses.
  2. A consulting organization can be accredited as official Dragon1 Accredited Consultancy Organizations (ACO). They are then entitled to offer and deliver Dragon1 consultancy services.

Accreditation provides important and unique advantages for you and your organizations if you intend to profile your services. This is very important in today's competitive market for providers of training and consultancy services. When full accreditation awarded, you will receive an official Dragon1 Architecture Foundation quality label.

In addition to obtaining professional accreditation, there are some general advantages:

  • Consistent quality of standards to guarantee consistent product quality
  • Licensed use of Intellectual Property
  • Regular contact with people and organizations united in the use of the Dragon1 method
  • Inclusion in the registers at
  • Professional participation during theme days
  • Access to the intranet for ACOs and ATOs, providing access to the latest documents.


Need more information?

Do you wish to know more about accreditation, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form below.