The main tasks of Dragon1 Architecture Foundation

The Dragon1 Architecture Foundation is the official foundation that manages the Dragon1 open method

The purpose of Dragon1 method management is to ensure that the method remains an 'open method', and that the method can develop. With development, we mean that elaborations and improvements can be introduced by anyone claiming to have found or developed an item to upgrade the method. The advantage of using an upgraded method or not depends on whether it aligns with the purpose of the method.

The foundation will also ensure that the use of the method meets the required quality for the different roles integrated in an organization. This gives user or consumer the best guarantee that the use of the method will also meet their expectations.

This results in the following tasks and goals of the foundation:

  • disseminating the awareness of Dragon1 as the method for Visual Enterprise Architecture;
  • providing information on the method;
  • facilitating the future development of Dragon1 as an open method;
  • providing and facilitating study material like books on the method;
  • regulating certification programs for users in different roles in the organization;
  • providing and facilitating training in the method;
  • regulating the accreditation of organizations;
  • maintaining a register of accredited organizations;
  • regulating the certification of architects;
  • maintaining a register of certified architects;
  • protecting the use of the Dragon1 name

The Dragon1 Architecture Foundation carries out a number of activities in order to realize its goals and targets.

The current activities of the foundation are:

  1. Providing information about the method via the Dragon1 Standard Specification - please refer to:
  2. Preparing a Dragon1 Curriculum and providing study materials such as books about the Dragon1 method. Please refer to the "web shop" to order your own copy of a Dragon1 book
  3. Regulating the accreditation of organizations for training, consultancy and educational organizations. For further information please refer to menu under the heading accreditation.

Need more information?

Do you want more information about the activities of the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation, please feel free to contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form.