Public Reviews

Reviewing new components of Dragon1.

Dragon1 is a lively open method and therefore it is constantly evolving. The method consists of a set of 21 open standards. From a technological and social trend perpective, global developments allow the creation of existing and new open standards to be continuously upgraded.

Why do we promote reviews?

Dragon1 is an open method; multiple ideas for innovation come from practitioners of the method. Each part that is added to Dragon1 represents improvement and strengthening of the entire method. To ensure that newly conceived theories are actually usable and properly maintainable, every innovative Dragon1 idea is offered for public scrutiny first.

How to review?

On this website you will find open standards offered for review. Participating in these reviews is made possible by sending an e-mail to After an initial assessment you will be informed of which further steps to take.

In order to get to know the Dragon1 environment we cordially invited to one of our monthly meetings of the Dragon1 user group. Next to discussion the method and review procedures for the Dragon1 Open Standards, the meetings offer an excellent networking envirment.

Need more information?

If you need more information about the Dragon1 review procedures for new components, please contact the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via the contact form below.